Veteran Criminal Lawyer -- Federal and State

Robert Sheahen, Esquire
Attorney at Law
9025 Wilshire Boulevard Penthouse Suite
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Office (310) 553-1275 Cell (818) 292-1984

Reputation According to the Court of Appeal:

In People v. Park, 13 Cal.Rptr.2d 572, 574 n.1 (1992), the California Court of Appeal observed:

     "Mr. Sheahen is an experienced criminal litigator. Over the years, he has represented rock stars (Personalities, The Washington Post (Aug. 26, 1991) p. C3); successfully secured the dismissal of all charges of the man accused of starting the disastrous fire which destroyed the Los Angeles City Library (D.A. Office Won't Charge Suspect in L.A. Library Fire, Los Angeles Times (Mar. 3, 1987) Metro. p. 1, col. 5); convinced a Court of Appeal division to uphold a grant of probation to a deputy sheriff convicted of murder of a fetus which occurred during a notorious illegal drug raid (Fetus Murder Verdict Against Deputy Upheld, Los Angeles Times (July 12, 1985) part 2, p. 2, col. 1); and was quoted by Time Magazine in an article addressing the scope of California's murder law. (Belushi's Death; The charge: second degree (Mar. 28, 1983) Time, at p. 21.)"


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