Veteran Criminal Lawyer -- Federal and State

Robert Sheahen, Esquire
Attorney at Law
9025 Wilshire Boulevard Penthouse Suite
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Office (310) 553-1275 Cell (818) 292-1984

     Robert Sheahen is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. He has practiced throughout Southern  California for more than thirty-five years and enjoys a sterling reputation among judges, prosecutors and other members of the Bar. From misdemeanors to mayhem to murder, Mr. Sheahen has a remarkable record of success in both state and federal courts in California.

    The courts speak of Mr. Sheahen in glowing terms. In People v. Panah, 35 Cal.4th 395, 420 (2005), the Supreme Court of California stated Mr. Sheahen is "a veteran criminal lawyer with death penalty experience." In People v. Park, 13 Cal.Rptr.2d 572, 574 n.1 (1992), the California Court of Appeal lauded Mr. Sheahen as "an experienced criminal litigator."

    Throughout his career, Mr. Sheahen has been featured on national and local news on many occasions and he has been interviewed on CNN. The Los Angeles Times has reported on his work on any number of important cases. He is the senior advisor to many young criminal defense lawyers in Southern California.

    One of these young lawyers is Kelly Sheahen Gerner, a graduate of Mills College in Oakland and Case Western Reserve School of Law in Cleveland. A Member of the Bar since 2009, Kelly has sat second chair to Mr. Sheahen on major cases -- including a murder case which was dismissed in 2010. Kelly has also won cases on her own -- including winning dismissals on two DUI trials in Ventura in her first year of practice.

    Mr. Sheahen provides painstaking personal attention to each client. He has represented many celebrities -- from Jon Voight to Rick James to Hells Angel legend George Christie. Just as important, if not more so, Mr. Sheahen has helped countless young people both to stay out of jail and to turn their lives around from alcohol and drug addiction.

    Due to the in-depth personal service provided in each case, Mr. Sheahen is able to take on a very limited number of cases at any given time. He does not accept every case -- regardless of the offered fee. He will take only those clients who are fully cooperative and who share his dedication to achieving the best possible result.

    If you wish to contact Mr. Sheahen, you may email him at RobertSheahen email link and he will respond to any inquiries. You may also call the office at (310) 553-1275 or you may reach Mr. Sheahen directly on his cell phone at (818) 292-1984.



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